The Best Ways Of Ending A Relationship


Ending a relationship is never easy. It can be harder if the couple starts playing the blame game. Pointing fingers at each other can make the breakup more stressful. While breaking up with someone, you should try to find the healthiest way possible. You may wonder whether there is any kindest way to end a relationship or not. But experts suggest some ways to make your breakup smoothly and easy. Break up will still be awkward and painful. But you can make it less stressful for the partners.

Select the appropriate place to discuss

While ending a relationship, you should choose the best place so that you can feel comfortable to express. A proper location can help you to continue a productive conversation. It is better to select a quiet place where you both can hear each other. Sharing your decision via text or social media might not be a good idea to end your relationship. Executive dating coach Connell Barrett said, “when it comes to breakups, location matters. Choosing the right place to break up—where you can both feel safe to express what you’re feeling while maintaining healthy boundaries.”

ending a relationship
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Be positive

Whatever happens, you should maintain a positive approach. Try to visualize the scenario from the other side. It is better to realize that none of you are responsible for a particular situation. Rather the situations are not in favor of you and it’s better to end the journey together. Always remember that exit from anything doesn’t indicate the end of everything. Rather it opens another door to make entry. So, never come across as harsh while discussing with your partner.

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The breakup discussion should be assertive and constructive. Psychologist Catalina Lawsin said, “The decision to break up isn’t an easy one to make. When you’re ready to end the relationship, be sure to stay on course in preparation for the breakup.” Lawsin also mentioned, “It’s easy to engage in the breakup conversation and get lost in rehashing the problems. If you’ve tried communicating with your partner about problems already, kept hitting roadblocks or you both can’t come to a compromise, then it’s important to remember before, during, and after your break-up conversation that you want to end the relationship.”

Set boundaries before starting a conversation

Ending a relationship could be emotional or volatile. But you should keep in mind that you both have different personalities and choices. Both of you have to respect each other’s feelings and decisions. So, it is good to set a boundary before starting a dialogue. Set your boundaries for the conversation before it starts.” 

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Lawsin also said, “If you clarify your needs and intentions before going into the conversation, you’ll be more prepared to maintain emotional control during it. Sticking to your original boundaries will send a clear message that you’ve made your final decision and will be sticking with that, as well.”