How To Tell Your Partner You’re Pregnant — Planned Or Unplanned


Pregnancy, whether planned or unplanned, is a major deal for everyone involved. We consulted professionals to find out the best method to tell the other person if you recently discovered you are pregnant. Here is what they said.

For a planned pregnancy

1. If you can, give yourself some time to think

The moment you learn of a positive test result will be a significant one, even if you and your spouse were attempting to conceive. Don’t feel obligated to notify your spouse immediately if you took the test alone while they weren’t present unless you want to.

2. Think about the setting and timing

Once you decide to convey the news if at all possible, try to do so in person. This is a significant milestone in your life, and meeting your spouse in person to see their face, sense their emotions, and really touch them amplifies the experience.

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3. Don’t anticipate a particular response

There may occasionally be a preconceived notion of how your partner will respond to the news of your pregnancy, but he advises against this in this case. People may occasionally feel let down if the other person is silent, shocked, or speechless. That doesn’t mean they won’t be excited; it just means they haven’t had time to think about such a significant life event.

4. Enjoy the experience

Last but not least, if your pregnancy was planned, this is quite thrilling, so feel free to play around with how you announce it! When announcing your partner, you can use creativity. For example, you could leave hints about your pregnancy in the house, have them open a special present with a baby theme, or come up with other original ideas that are appropriate for your relationship.

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For an unplanned pregnancy

1. Allow yourself some time to comprehend the news

It’s a great idea to process finding out you’re pregnant if the pregnancy wasn’t planned before telling anyone. There are numerous things to consider. 

Are you devoted to the partner with whom you became pregnant? Do you intend to keep the child, or are you thinking about having it aborted or adopted? Do you want the other person to be a part of your child’s life if you decide to have the baby and become a parent? Will you choose to co-parent or remain married? All things to think about.

2. Carefully bring up the subject at the appropriate time

Being considerate while sharing the news of an unforeseen pregnancy is especially crucial because it will differ significantly from sharing one that was planned.

3. Think about the response and make plans accordingly

You can be expecting a bad response depending on who the other person is in the situation. If that’s the case, you should give yourself enough time to emotionally get ready for any potential reactions.


4. Be candid

When you break the news, be as unambiguous as you can. Being honest and straightforward is crucial because it’s a challenging conversation, and you need to communicate to comprehend their feelings.

No matter how the talk goes, be sure to express to them exactly what is happening, how you are feeling, and your plans for the pregnancy and eventual motherhood. Ensure you both understand how the other is feeling.

The Bottom Line

It’s important to notify your spouse in a way that fits the two of you and your particular relationship because the announcement of your pregnancy will be a turning point in your relationship.