What You Need to Know About Fostering a Child You Already Know


When most people think of fostering, they imagine taking in a child who is complete stranger. However, did you know that you can also foster a child you already know? This can be a great option for families who are unable to have children of their own, or for families who want to help a relative or friend’s child.


This information will help you if you decide to foster a child you already know:

Your family’s children might require your help

You might be asked to look after a family member’s kids if that family member struggles to make wise decisions and it affects the kids. 

The fact that you are family may mean that you will be asked to look after the kids if they are taken away, even if you don’t have a history of having good interactions with your family member on a regular basis. 

If you fit this description, keep trying to establish relationships with that relative and their kids to make the transition easier.

Children who treat you like family may need you 

Furthermore, even if you are not biologically related to the kids, you might become a foster parent who only takes care of that particular child. You could take on the role of a child’s foster parent if you two get along well and have a history of communication. 

selective focus photography of woman and boy

A child-specific foster home placement could result from a pre-existing relationship with friends, coaches, pastors, teachers, or neighbors.

And right now, you can assist them

The process of becoming a child-specific foster parent is another benefit. The process is much quicker and less complicated than becoming a traditional foster family since child-specific foster parents have a relationship with the kids already.