Washing your face with hot water from the tap? You’re inviting these skin problems


The summer months cause us to perspire more than usual, which causes the dirt, smoke, and smog to adhere to our skin as we go outside. As a result, this time of year makes our skin more prone to acne, allergies, breakouts, and black spots.

washing face

All of this can be avoided by properly cleansing the skin. The hot water that comes out of the faucets in the summer presents another difficulty. After returning home, using it to wash your face becomes the only easy way to remove all the dust, dirt, and pollution. Your skin may be permanently harmed by this, though.

Here are four negative effects of hot water on your face:

  1. Removes necessary sebum

Steaming hot water may be very relaxing and soothing after a long, exhausting day, but it can also remove the natural oil or sebum. The removal of the skin’s natural sebum or oil may cause the skin to secrete more oil. As a result, disturbance of the natural skin barrier may result in acne or breakouts. 

  1. Leaves behind permanent scars

Your skin enjoys water that is cold to room temperature. Rushing inside from a hot environment and washing your face with hot water can exacerbate scarring and cause minute black spots.

  1. Compromises skin barrier

The barrier of your skin may suffer if you wash your face with hot water from the faucet. Your skin’s top layer keeps moisture in while shielding you from irritants, UV rays, and pollution. Your skin’s barrier is disrupted by hot water and loses its ability to protect you. Increased UV deterioration, freckles, pigmentation, and even photosensitive rashes may result from this.

  1. A decline in pigment

Splashes of hot water on your face may cause the skin’s melanocyte cells to become active. The pigment that gives our skin color comes from melanocytes. On your face, these cells may become activated and cause spots, pigmentation, and dark patches. Your skin will become darker and more pigmented as a result of this.

Always keep water at room temperature to prevent burns from hot water. If necessary, cool down a jug of water by adding some ice cubes before spritzing it on your skin.