Understanding Pregnancy Sex For Better Health


If you are expecting your first baby, you just need to know about pregnancy sex. Here are have explained briefly about pregnancy sex that you need to know.

When you found out that you are pregnant, you may feel sick, tired, and anxious. Sometimes you may feel some changes in your libido too. Because pregnancy can affect women’s health and emotions. It may also influence the desire for sex. Due to increased blood flow to the genital area, some women may feel a surge in sexual desire. In this case, regular sex may be useful to reduce stress-level. It is also helpful to strengthen your relationship as well as overall well-being.

Is sex during pregnancy safe?

Some people believe that sex during pregnancy is not safe. But health consultants don’t say something like this. Rather they say that it is fine if you want to enjoy sex for pleasure’s sake. Consultant in Sexual and Reproductive Health, Julie Bowring said about pregnancy sex, ‘It is absolutely safe to have sex during pregnancy.’ Julie also said, ‘Some women may be advised to avoid sex by their medical team, but if all is going well in your pregnancy and you have not been advised to abstain from sex, you can continue without worrying it will harm your pregnancy.’

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Should you use sex toys?

As your pregnancy develops, some sexual positions may become trickier. In that case, some sex toys or gadgets can save your day. These toys can help you to get your libido up to speed. As your bump grows, it may be difficult to reach out to your pleasure zones. In this situation, sex toys may provide you with great fun with maximum comfortability.

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How does it impact your child?

Many women might be concerned about the risk of miscarriage due to sex during pregnancy. But normal intercourse during pregnancy doesn’t have any impact on your growing fetus. Because your baby is well-protected by super-strong uterus muscles. Julie Bowring said about this, ‘Sex does not hurt your baby during pregnancy. When you are having sex, your partner’s penis will not reach up as far as where your baby is. Your baby is positioned safely inside the womb and will not be affected by you having sex.’

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