The Critical Period For a Child And More About It


The critical period is very important for every child. When a child’s brain cells get connected to create an interconnected brain is known as the critical period. It helps to function better as a complete human mind. This influences the receptive and expressive modes. The connections are usually called Synapses. They are formed during this period. When the process is done the child shows more mature behavior and actions. This is a sign that the child is growing up. 

critical period
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The hypothesis of the period

New and better life experiences formed during this time. Kids try to understand more complicated life aspects. Those experiences are the amalgamation of complex incidents. Which results in new and better life experiences. The brain cannot make the connections between the cells if the necessary events or experiences are not provided on time. It becomes harder in later life to learn or obtain new things.

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Why is the critical period so emphasized?

This time is important for a child because it gives children the option to create more development in their brains. Children are born without a fully formed brain. And it develops throughout childhood. So the brain makes new connections to learn new things. Studies have found that for this action to take place the critical period is the best time. It also develops their power to derive knowledge from an event that is new for them. They start to notice new things and get curious about them. 

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Emotional Regulation

Emotional regulation is the ability to control and regulate their emotions and module the intensity of it. This is the way that shapes their expression based on the situation. It also makes sure that their reaction is fitting with the situation. Also, this is a sign of development. Slowly the child can understand other emotions and act accordingly.