Superfoods for Supermoms: Boosting Immunity and Overall Health with Nutrient-Dense Foods


As a supermom, you’re always looking for ways to keep your family healthy and strong. One of the best ways to do this is by incorporating nutrient-dense superfoods into your daily diet. However, it can be challenging to get the recommended 8 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Amazing Grass offers a solution to this problem with its Greens Blend powders, making it easier than ever to boost immunity and overall health.

Amazing Grass Greens Blend: A Convenient Way to Get Your Daily Fruits and Vegetables

Amazing Grass Greens Blend powders can be added to water or incorporated into smoothies or recipes for an easy way to supplement whole fruits and vegetables. This is especially important considering that only 10% of Americans get their recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables. The Greens Blend is gluten-free, formulated with no sugar added, and fiber-rich to support digestive health. Each product is plant-based and certified organic, ensuring that you’re getting the highest quality ingredients possible.

Jenna Bush Hager Partners with Amazing Grass to Encourage Healthy Eating

Jenna Bush Hager is partnering with Amazing Grass to encourage consumers to “Get Your Greens” and join the challenge on her Instagram page for a chance to win her favorite Amazing Grass product. Through the national “Get Your Greens” challenge, Jenna and Amazing Grass will give away 250 complimentary Amazing Grass Greens Blends to consumers who want to increase their fruit and veggie servings. This partnership aims to raise awareness about the importance of incorporating nutrient-dense superfoods into your daily diet for better health and immunity.

Packed with Vitamins C and K for Immunity and Overall Health

The Amazing Grass Greens Blend is packed with vitamins C and K, which are essential for immunity and overall health. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect the body from free radicals and supports a healthy immune system. Vitamin K plays a crucial role in blood clotting and bone health. The Greens Blend comes in a variety of flavors and support functions, making it easy to find the perfect blend for your needs.

Join the “Get Your Greens” Challenge and Boost Your Family’s Health Today

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to improve your family’s health and immunity with Amazing Grass Greens Blend. Join the “Get Your Greens” challenge on Jenna Bush Hager’s Instagram page for a chance to win a complimentary Greens Blend and start incorporating these nutrient-dense superfoods into your daily diet. Your family will thank you for it!