Signs That Show You Are Allergic To Alcohol


Are you concerned to know whether you are allergic to alcohol or not? Then you can follow some techniques to know the answers. These tricks will help you to identify the signs of alcohol allergy. Alcohols are social glue for many settings. But a few people show withdrawal reactions after consumption of alcohol. It simply indicates that those people are allergic to it. Here are some of the major symptoms that occur if someone has an allergic reaction to alcohol.

Allergic To Alcohol
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Nasal congestion

A runny nose is a sign of alcohol rejection. Due to inflammation in the sinus cavity, consumption of alcohol results in a runny nose. The main reason behind the reaction is the presence of histamine in the particular drink. Histamine causes effects like inflammation, itchiness, and soreness on the body.


Overdrinking results in nausea. If drinking a small amount of alcoholic beverage makes one nauseating, that person is alcohol intolerant. This reaction takes place because of acid reflux in the stomach. In addition, it irritates the esophagus, intestines, and even the abdomen.

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Constant abdominal pain and frequent visits to the toilet are signs of being allergic to alcohol. For some people, it is hard to break darker liquors. Because of the chemical structure and side effects, the body cannot break down the molecules.  Finally resulting in diarrhea.

Low blood pressure

Alcohol is commonly known for increasing blood pressure after consumption. But people who are allergic or show intolerance to alcohol, are prone to lower blood pressure. This can often cause a life-threatening situation.

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Belonging from or having a certain genetic combination

Some genetic codes are responsible for being allergic to alcohol. Generally, Asian or Asian descent has visible allergic reactions. Their faces start to get red and feel hot flashes. But always remember that before making any health-related decision, you should consult with your physicians and take steps accordingly.