Reasons Women File for Divorce More Frequently Than Men


The data say that file for divorce is more common in women than man. The dream of the wedding day appears to be ingrained in practically every girl’s DNA. It is cultivated in fairy tales, exaggerated in movies, and outright abused in shows like “Four Weddings” and “Say Yes to the Dress”. So, it might surprise you to learn that women file for divorce more often than males.

File for Divorce
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Women are more prone to feel that the marriage is holding them back

The reality is that women now make up slightly more than half of the workforce in the United States and are working more than ever before. However, in many marriages, women are still viewed as primarily in charge of taking care of the home. Despite having busier schedules due to their employment.

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Most women look forward to real gender equality

Men are at ease in their positions as “head of the house,” whereas women are less than happy with the stereotypes of being a wife who supports her husband’s job, the mother of their children, and the unpaid domestic helper. Women are more inclined to marry someone who doesn’t meet all of their requirements.

Women continue to provide emotional support

Some features are a reflection of nature, such as a woman’s propensity for emotional expression and intuition. However, neither gender has a monopoly on any innate tendency, especially when effort and choice can enhance it. However, family members expect that the wife or mother will be attentive to and responsive to the emotional needs of a family. Men can and frequently do take advantage of the stereotype.  Instead of taking steps to reform the social perceptions man tar to be less expressive and communicative than women.

File for Divorce
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Due to abusing drugs

Whether you like it or not, using drugs and alcohol while married is a common reason for divorce. According to research, up to 45% of marriages end in divorce because of drug or alcohol abuse issues. Drug and alcohol abuse in marriages can result in a variety of problems, including emotional and financial challenges. Intense arguments and, in some situations, actual violence can result from substance misuse.