Read This Before You Get Your Eyebrows Threaded


Looking for tips on grooming your brows to achieve the thick, full arches of your dreams? Eyebrow threading is a less expensive option that is as effective as getting your eyebrows shaped. Furthermore, it is far milder and less unpleasant than other treatments like waxing.

The treatment has been used for millennia and has its origins in Asia. Anybody who has never had their eyebrows threaded may be perplexed as to how one piece of string molds brows and removes stray hairs. Umbreen Sheikh, the founder of Wink Brow Bar, clarifies how eyebrow threading works, what one should expect during an appointment, and whether it’s genuinely less painful than waxing.

Eyebrow threading

What Happens During an Eyebrow Threading Session?

First and foremost, here’s how eyebrow threading works: To form the brow, a piece of thread is obtained and twisted on itself as it is slid along the brow. The hair is taken from the follicle, but the skin is not harmed. Before the actual threading, you will be given a consultation to determine the shape. The entire procedure takes about 15 – 20 minutes.

What Are the Advantages of Brow Threading?

Threading is less painful than waxing since it just removes the brow hair and not the skin. It also makes it more accurate, allowing your threading expert to extract finer hairs that normally do not adhere to wax.

Although waxing and plucking can frequently leave undesirable stray hairs around your eyebrows, a threading expert goes over your hair row by row, offering your eyebrows a neat and precise contour.

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Threading is also an excellent alternative if you have delicate skin that is easily irritated. According to Sheikh, it is a natural, organic procedure that does not employ harsh chemicals on your skin.

Threading may be used to remove hair by those taking certain drugs or having specific skin issues since it is gentler on the skin compared to other hair removal methods. Certain dermatologists, for instance, prefer threading over waxing for those who use acne treatments such as Accutane and topical retinoid creams since the former only impacts the hair and not the skin underlying.

So, Does Threading the Brows Hurt?

Threading indeed comes with less pain than waxing. Although it can still be a little painful, there is very little skin contact. There is also no chance of wax burning or harming your skin. Your skin may appear red, but this is due to stimulation of the skin, not excessive skin removal that can occur with waxing.

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Threaded Brows: How Long Do They Last?

Threading, like waxing, usually lasts two to four weeks, depending on your hair type. Nonetheless, you could be able to go longer between sessions in the future. Since hair is pulled out at the root, which weakens due to this process, it will begin to grow back scant and finer following regular threading.

What Is the Cost of Threading?

Threading is roughly the same price as sugaring and waxing.  The cost will vary based on where you live and the sort of salon you visit, but you should anticipate paying between $25 and $35. 

If you feel that waxing and microblading are too painful, eyebrow threading can be the best option for you.