Period Underwear: What to Know

What is period underwear?

There are many different types of period products available today. You might come across period-proof underwear while looking for something that is ideal for you. These undergarments can be worn by any person who goes through mensuration to keep them comfortable during their cycle.


Several layers of microfiber polyester make up these absorbent undergarments. They resemble regular undies, but they’re crafted in a manner that absorbs menstrual blood and keeps away moisture from your skin.

Thousands of tiny filaments make up a moisture-wicking fabric that is used on the period underwear. These fibers hold liquid in place, preventing any form of leakage. Lycra and Nylon are commonly used in the outer layer, and a  liquid-repellent film is used for additional protection. 

Period Underwear: How to Use It

To hold the blood when you first start your menstruation cycle, you’ll wear period underwear. You’ll have them on the same way you’d put on regular undies. It’s critical to change and clean the underwear every 12 hours or as required. 

Most brands include an antimicrobial layer to eliminate odours. However, changing them out on a regular basis will help you stay in shape. Depending on the brand, the washing instructions will be different.

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When Is It Appropriate to Wear Period Underwear?

Period underwear can be worn by anyone who has a period. However, if you’re not used to free bleeding, which is whenever a person menstruates without using common period products, it’s essential that you know what to expect. Your period blood flow is unaffected by period underwear. However, you’ll feel the flow, which can be discomforting at first for some individuals.

Period underwear is sometimes used in conjunction with other products, such as menstrual cups or tampons, to provide an extra layer of protection. Period underwear, on the other hand, can be worn on its own.

Some brands offer varying levels of absorbency, allowing you to pick the best pair for you on any given day. The majority of period underwear is extremely absorbent. However, if your flow is particularly heavy, it’s important to check them occasionally to see if they need to be changed.