Every white spot on your face is not vitiligo! Here’s what causes it


White spots are frequently mistaken for the skin condition vitiligo. This isn’t always the case, though. To learn more about it, keep reading.

The risk of infection rises as a result of hormonal changes, dust-soil exposure, hormones, and UV rays. How many people start to develop white spots on their hands or faces that must have caught your attention?  They are very noticeable because they are so dissimilar from one’s skin tone. It may not necessarily be a vitiligo-related skin condition, though.

white spots

In fact, many people stop consuming dairy products because of this misconception because they think doing so will better manage their white spots. This is a myth, though! Do not worry; we will assist you in determining the potential cause of the white spots.

White spots

White spots develop on the body and face as a result of the skin’s lack of melanin. Skin spots can also develop when skin proteins or dead skin cells get trapped under the skin’s surface. 

Patients of all ages may experience severe difficulties as a result of it. Since it has an impact on how they look, it can even make some people feel insecure. However, do not confuse it with vitiligo.

Here is what Dr. Banani Choudhary, Consultant Dermatologist, Masina Hospital, Mumbai, had to say about this condition.

What causes white spots in kids?

White spots also develop on the face as a result of the skin allergy condition known as pityriasis alba in infants and young children, according to Dr. Choudhary. Many parents stop feeding their kids dairy, eggs, and other foods that are white because they believe it will make the situation worse. 

However, it is a myth in actuality. Therefore, before stopping to give your children these foods, you must speak with a doctor. This inhibits mental and physical growth.

What causes adult white spots?

In areas with dry skin and those exposed to the sun, adults develop white spots. These skin conditions, unlike vitiligo, frequently cause itching and burning.

Pityriasis versicolor, a prevalent skin condition, can lead to hyperpigmentation patches on the body, particularly in both adults and children. These patches appear on individuals who sweat a lot. Antifungal medications are taken orally and antifungal body washes can help with this issue.

There are additional causes of white spots on the skin

Even when there is a rash or swelling on the skin, the color of the skin turns cloudy. White patches may also appear on the skin after the wound has healed, according to Dr. Choudhary. Nothing to be concerned about.

White spots can also be brought on by post-inflammatory hypopigmentation. Skin inflammation has the potential to seriously harm the skin’s melanin, which could lead to spots. These stains, however, might disappear over time.


One must not self-medicate or attempt home remedies without consulting a doctor because not all white spots on the body or face are caused by vitiligo. Treatment of the underlying cause of white spots should take priority.