How To Make A Babyproof Kitchen


Making a babyproof kitchen is obvious if you have a child in your house. Parenting is a hard job. It becomes harder when kids try to reach for things in the kitchen without understanding the consequences. Making a baby-proof kitchen can save parents from a lot of accidents.

babyproof kitchen
Credit: verywellfamily
Never leave the stove and oven unattended

The oven can easily hurt children if not taken proper care of. There are many options for the oven and stove to use lead after using them. They act as great childproof shields. Also, don’t keep the oven or stove on after using it, it can grab the attention of the kid easily. Also, you can find special cups that prevent the stove from being on. Try them to safeguard the stove from children.

Credit: verywellfamily
Lock the fridge

The refrigerator is not that harmful to kids, but they can make a mess if they get access to it. Try to lock the fridge after using it. There are small attachable locks that can be found on Amazon for a couple of bucks, they change your life. As it is an electronic application, hide the cord from the reach of the kids.

Keep small utensils high up 

Babies are infamous for hiding things from one place to another. So, try to keep the small separate things in the kitchen out of reach, so children cannot gram them. Carefully sharp objects like knives, and a fork on a cabinet where they cannot touch or reach. Moreover, be careful about dish soaps or cleaning supplies, and hide them away.

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Use various Locks

Kitchens have multiple cabinets that need to be locked so the kids cannot reach them. Using different locks to protect them is a good idea. Choose the locks according to the fit of the gadget. Use brackets to stick the larger object to the wall.