How To Maintain Passion In Your Marriage


After getting married, a couple’s journey normally begins a new chapter. Most of the couple’s time spent together when they are dating is romantic, and they consider methods to make their time together even more memorable, especially while they are excitedly considering engagement rings.

Careful what you say

Particularly when speaking to someone close to us, words have a lot of power. As wives, we must encourage our husbands with encouraging words.

Maintain an interest in your partner.

It takes frequent communication to keep the love alive. It is more important to get to know your spouse better by being curious than it is about the regular dialogue you exchange. As an illustration, when you two were still dating, you questioned them about their favorite foods. This time, learn why they enjoy the dish and whether it is associated with any pleasant memories.

Respect one another

According to the law of attraction, things tend to circle back around. But to get what you desire, you must sacrifice. The rule of thumb on this planet is that to get, you must first give. Hence, if you desire respect, you must first show respect to everyone; the more respect you show, the more respect you will receive! According to this, you must show love if you want to receive it.

Fair play

Make sure you deal with one another fairly. Many couples lament the unfairness of their relationship. The majority of them lament one-sided selfishness, broken promises, unfulfilled commitments, guilt manipulations, and dual standards. Couples should talk about their differences and decide what “being unfair” to the other person” means. Then, a compromise should be reached, and they should decide to be more understanding and accepting of one another.


It is so simple to concentrate on the bad. Human nature tends to lead us to focus on the negative first. We should instead concentrate on all the tiny things that each other get right or goes above and beyond to do just for us. We must congratulate them, draw attention to their best qualities, and overlook their flaws.