How To Handle A Dreaded Pimple


We have to face a dreaded pimple, especially right before a big day like a wedding. Because wedding planning can be stressful. Most of the time we are in stress about arranging and taking preparation for this big event. As a result, a pre-wedding breakout is not uncommon. But this last-minute guest on our face seems like a total disaster. Here we are suggesting some effective ways to handle a pre-wedding breakout.

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Keep your hands away

Most of the germs come from our hands. It is a common practice to touch our face skin with our hands. We need to be aware of this. It is not a good practice to touch your face skin without sanitizing the hands. If it is necessary try to clean your hands and touch the skin. This practice will keep your skin safe and clean. Dermatologists Joel Schlessinger said, “First of all, it’s incredibly important to establish a hands-off policy. You might think you’re doing your skin a favor by popping a pimple, but you can force bacteria deeper into your skin and actually prolong the healing process from a few days to a few weeks.” He also recommends washing off the makeup properly each night.

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Maintain some basic practice

It is very important to start with some basic practices like washing your faces regularly, taking healthy foods and doing regular exercise. You also need to take some rest according to your body requirement. Always try to keep your mind refreshed and stress-free. Before driving into any skincare, these are very important to motivate you. You can apply warm compresses to your skin throughout the day at regular intervals.

Expert advise

Schlessinger suggested, “Replace your favorite makeup products for brand-new compacts, since makeup can often become contaminated, leading to breakouts. Also, cut out dairy products, since the hormones found in dairy products are known to make acne worse.”

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Microdermabrasion is a great procedure to keep your skin lively. You can exfoliate at home. Many physical or chemical exfoliants can be used to achieve similar results. This process can remove the layers of dead skin and provide you with a radiant glow. Cosmetic dermatologist Michele Green recommended, “It exfoliates and removes the superficial layer of dry, dead skin cells (that can clog your pores) and entails no discomfort, downtime, or recovery.”