Home Remedy Tips For Oily Skin


Oily skin is something many women have to deal with during their life. It comes with many uncomfortable situations and bad skin health. Here are a few home remedies to get rid of it.

Oily Skin
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Wash your face constantly

There is no other way to get rid of oily skin without washing it with tap water. Your skin produces oil to keep it safe and moist. But often it produces more oil than you need. Washing it off with mineral water would be one of the easy ways to keep it clean. Wash them and pat them dry.

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Blotting paper

If you are a working person or have to be outside for a long time, you won’t be having the benefit of washing your face constantly. Try to use blotting paper for your oily skin. Bloating paper is known for drying up the liquid substance from any surface. This is a non-reactive and safe skin product. Pat the skin dry with it when there is no access to water.


Honey is an acidic product that helps you with your oily skin. This acts as a moisturizer for most people. But, if you have oily skin and would love to get rid of it, try to use a honey pack on your face daily. This will clean your pores and make the environment of the face acidic, so the oil doesn’t clump to it.

Oily Skin
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Egg-white with lemons

This is another useful trick to make your skin glow and oil-free. Lemon is also an acidic product. To make it less harsh and use the protein, egg white is used for making a pack for the face to use. Clean your face first by washing it. Then gently apply one layer of the mix. After drying, use another layer of it.