Haircuts That Suits Your Face Shape


Perfect haircuts are important for an amazing look. But there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all hairdo. Before getting your hair trimmed, it’s crucial to understand which hairstyle complements your facial shape. A few extra inches of hair or a few stray facial hairs there can make a significant impact.


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Oval shape face haircut

Oval-faced persons have the most versatile facial shape for haircuts. If you have curly hair and an oval face, long, silky waves would look great on you. An excellent choice for you will also be a French bob. Curtain bangs that require little care are also a wise choice.


Haircuts tips
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Diamond shape face haircut

Short hairstyles like a textured bob, lob, or pixie cut look wonderful on diamond faces because they soften the jawline. Long hair layers provide depth to your face by adding structure to your hair. Rather than leaving the ends blunt, try wispy ends or a texturized cut.


Heart shape face haircut

Lobs look fantastic on faces with a heart shape because the length detracts from the jawline and lengthens the face, creating symmetry. A cut that is collarbone length will be enhanced by layers that skim the shoulders and a deep side part.


Haircuts with face
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Round shape face haircut

If you have a round face, short haircuts that end below the chin are among your best options. When cutting curly or wavy hair too short, the cheek area may become wider. When you wear short hairstyles with more volume at the top, your face will appear longer.


Haircuts style
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Long shape face haircut

Long faces look best with layered mid-length curly styles that have body and bounce. Change up your hair partitioning on a regular basis for a quick change-up. A deep side part draws the eye across the face rather than down, which is ideal for a long face.