Hair Extensions: The good, bad and ugly


We go to incredible lengths to look our most beautiful when it comes to personal care and beauty, right? We appreciate our natural beauty, particularly our hair, but we also eagerly anticipate experimental hair trends. Hair extensions are one of them. Are hair extensions safe, though?


Many of us aspire to have hair that is long, robust, and thick. However, the journey is made more difficult by the daily stresses that our hair faces. In fact, using natural remedies can revive the health of our hair. However, nobody has the time to try such treatments. Because of this, hair extensions are frequently desired.

How do hair extensions work?

The most recent development in hair care and hairstyles is the use of hair extensions. There are many different extension options available, such as clip-on and keratin. 

However, if you’ve ever looked up information about these extensions online, you’ve likely run into a flurry of unfavorable comments warning that doing so will result in damaged and astonishingly thin hair. But you should be aware that it also has negative, positive, and ugly aspects.

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Consider some of the negative aspects of hair extensions!

You will undoubtedly have damaged hair if you don’t properly care for your hair extensions. Even though it seems like a perfect solution, they also have drawbacks. 

A high-quality extension can be expensive, and many middle-class people may not be able to afford one. It is necessary and quite expensive to maintain extensions on a regular basis. Overall, only a select group of people can afford this.

If done incorrectly, this addition can harm already-existing hair and also make one look very unattractive and awkward. Most of the time, it is the clients’ fault because they neglect to care for their newly extended hair. 

The new clip-in method also has disadvantages of its own. It can come off and put the user in a very awkward situation if customers inadvertently use a pool or sleep in them.

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After every 6 to 8 uses, clip-in extensions need to be washed and delicately dried with a towel. To avoid the glue from being harmed if you use tape extensions, turn to a less abrasive, sulfate-free shampoo.