Does Marriage Really Affects To Women’s Happiness?


The behavioural scientist and a professor at the London School of Economics Paul Dolan claimed in his new book that women might be happier if they stay single. Dolan’s new book “Happy Ever After: Escaping The Myth of the Perfect Life” tried to analyse the fairytale archetypes of marital bliss based on some important empirical evidence. In this book, he said, If you’re a man, you should probably get married. If you’re a woman, don’t bother.”.

woman doubting  marriage

However, many social scientists disagree with Dolan’s statement. They consider that Dolan wrongly misinterprets the data. His opinion is based on the results of a telephone survey that may not explain the real scenario. However, Dolan’s book has brought an important debate to the table. The good and bad sides of a marriage.

But, does marriage really affects to woman’s happiness?

According to many large-scale studies, married people are likely to enjoy greater happiness in life. As with other psychological sciences, the relationship between marriage and happiness is bidirectional. That is why some social scientists say that married people are happier because they were happier before. It can also be said that happier people are more likely to get married.

The positive effects of marriage for a man or a woman depend mainly on the level of love and affection of the couple. Happiness is a very wide concept and there are several factors that play in favour of happiness. Happiness is more than just being married. Harvard psychology professor Daniel Gilbert said: “Marriage does not make you happy. Happy marriages make you happy”.

woman angry

Whether you are a man or woman, your toxic relationship is decidedly bad for happiness. Your marital satisfaction mainly depends on a long-term committed relationship. It is true for both men and women. The reliable support and meaningful shared experiences over time are good for our overall well-being.