Blossoming Spring Baby Names


Looking for the best spring baby names for your new baby? Continue reading for a list of our favorites. Yes, it’s time to get started. Spring represents a belief in possibility, hope, and the notion that the most wonderful things can emerge from the darker days. 

Birds, blossoms, bees, and bunnies are all displayed. Spring is in full bloom, with butterflies and buttercups as nurseries and newness, picnics and patios, abound. That’s only the beginning. It’s no surprise that Spring baby names are so appealing.

spring baby names

Want to go on a tour? We’ll go over some of our favorites.

Spring Baby Names For Girls

Here are some great names for girls

  • Acacia. This Greek name means “thorny”.
  • Aurora. Means the goddess of the dawn.
  • Amaryllis. This is a lovely flower.
  • Anastasia. Means “resurrection”
  • April. The fourth month; indicates when spring kicks into gear.
  • Abril. The Spanish version of the fourth month of the year. 
  • Avril. The French version of April
  • Aya. Has several meanings: “to fly swiftly”, “miracle,” or “bird.”
  • Azalea. This is a flower from the Rhododendron family.
  • Bea. Means “bringer of happiness”

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  • Brooke. “small stream” 
  • Calla. Means “most beautiful.
  • Dawn. The start of a new day
  • Deborah. Means “bee.”
  • Esmeralda. Means “emerald”
  • Fontanne. Means “fountain spring.”
  • Florence. “Blossoming” and “flourishing”
  • Juniper. Means “young.”
  • Lily. Lilies are a symbol of innocence and purity.
  • Midori. Means “green.”
  • Nova. “New”
  • Oona. Means “lamb.” 
  • Pascala. “Born at Easter”
  • Renata. Means “Reborn”
  • Willow. Means “freedom.”

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Spring Baby Names For Boys

Here are some names for boys you can consider:

  • Adam.  Means “Son of the red earth”
  • Attwell. This English name means “lives by the spring.”
  • Cruz. This Spanish name means “cross.”
  • Denver. Means “green valley.”
  • Eden. Means “place of pleasure.”
  • Enfys. This name means “rainbow.”
  • Grove. “A small collection of trees”
  • Hawthorn. “Lives where the hawthorn hedges grow”

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  • Javier. “New house”
  • Naveen. Means “new.”
  • Neo. Means “news” 
  • Neville. “New town”
  • Owen. Means “youthful.”
  • Pascal. This French name means “Easter child.”
  • Pascoe. Is a Cornish variation of Pascal.
  • Phoenix. Means “dark red” 
  • Xavier. Means both “new house” and “bright.”
  • Zenebe. This Amharic name means “raining.”