Beauty Actually Isn’t Pain: This Expert Says To Stop Using Beauty Products That Hurt


Beauty rituals should make you feel good. After all, skincare is self-care. How we care for our gentle, yet robust outer organ has a significant impact on how we feel and look. Of course, it’s natural to want some sort of aesthetic outcome from the process, but it definitely shouldn’t be a painful one. True Botanicals founder Hillary Peterson shares this beauty philosophy. 

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PSA: Please refrain from using painful beauty products.

Obviously, this line of thinking had to originate somewhere, and the beauty industry and media should bear responsibility. Here are some things Hillary had to say about it, “There is a very powerful industry voice that has taught us that if it hurts, if it tingles a ton, if it makes our skin red, then it must be working.”

She also adds, “I’ve always believed that it is absolutely possible to have gorgeous skin with natural, biocompatible skin care that works. When I say this, I have felt at times that it’s being met with sort of glazed-over eyes because unfortunately there is this perception that it needs to sting or we need to puncture our skin in order for ingredients to absorb.”

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However, you are not only not required to do so; you are actually better off nurturing the skin and trying to promote skin longevity via barrier-supporting ingredients. Peterson states that her beauty philosophy places an emphasis on respecting the design of nature and working with nature. For example, our skin’s barrier is critical to skin health. It keeps moisture in, keeps irritants out, and allows your skin to function optimally.

Basically, by providing your skin with the tools it requires to be resilient, it will look better for a longer period of time. If you allow your skin to thrive, it is a powerful organ that can thrive.