Are You Dealing With Burnout? Look Out For This Early Warning Sign


Everyone who experiences burnout does so in a unique way. Some people might withdraw from their responsibilities, whereas others experience periods of extreme irritability. We can all agree, however, that if given the option, we would all choose to stay out of this unpleasant emotional state. 

dealing with burnout

It may seem impossible to completely prevent burnout, but can you prepare yourself better for it? Oh, yes. Here is what Mollie West Duffy, a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, had to say about recognizing burnout and dealing with it. 

Warning Signs Of A Burnout

Pay attention to the tinier triggers to spot burnout before it reaches the point of fatigue and overwhelm. Pay attention to the times when “everything and everyone feel irritating,” advises Duffy.

You might be on the verge of burnout if you start to dread activities you once loved.  Do you find going to the grocery store to be the biggest chore? Do you find  your friends and family irritating all of a sudden? 

Does adding a new task to your daily list immediately make you feel stressed out? You might be headed straight for burnout. Rather than taking the necessary time for themselves, most people secretly long for a concrete reason to slow down.

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What To Do

You might be on the verge of burnout if any of the aforementioned symptoms sound familiar. When you recognize these red flags, it might be time to step back, give yourself a day or two if you can, and think about viewing your current way of life from a different angle. It might be something you jot down in your journal, talk about with a good friend or member of your family, or think to yourself while taking your next daily walk.

To prevent the intense, full-blown burnout state from taking over, it’s essential to identify early signs of burnout and resolve what you can adjust to start giving yourself more support and rest.

It’s well worth setting aside a day or two to focus on your mental health, particularly if doing so will prevent a larger burnout that might force you to completely abandon your obligations in the future.

The Bottom Line

Burnout is a hard nut to crack, but by spotting some early symptoms, you can deal with those emotions before they spiral out of control. You might be headed for burnout if you start to become more irritable, reactive, or easily overwhelmed in your daily life. Recognize these emotions, give sleep top priority, and consider including more downtime in your daily routine going forward.