All About Specific Learning Disability


Learning disability is a common issue in educational institution for kids. The person who has a specific learning disability (SLD), has to face additional issues when it comes to traditionally learning things. This disability impacts psychology and hinders the way people learn from educational institutions. It impacts the ability to learn new languages, listen, think, write, or read. This can be an issue for the kids later in life. But most people have this issue before they are born. So, kids are the ones who have had to deal with this from their childhood.


learning disability


Disorder vs disability

People are often confused between disability and disorder due to having the same and often scenario having the same symptoms. Disability is a term that is used by medical professionals when a person is having a mental or physical condition that is disrupting their ability to do something. On the other hand, a disorder is something that is an illness that disrupts a person from functioning as a normal human being.


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Learning differences

Some people prefer to use the term “learning difference”, rather than learning disability. As the word disability has a stigma around it, people prefer to use the other word so the children don’t have to go through the harsh criticism around it. Also, this situation can occur with other neurological issues.


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Types of learning disabilities

There can be multiple types of learning disabilities, and every one of them is different from the others. The most common one is Dyscalculia. People having the condition have a hard time understanding and reading mathematical formulas and mathematical logic. Dyslexia is another type of learning disability that impacts reading ability. They have a hard time reading letters and making sense of a written statement. This disability affects 15% of the whole population from the student base.