3 Ways to Walk the Line Between Protective and Overprotective Parenting


Parenting is one of the most difficult tasks anyone can undertake. You want to make sure that your child is safe and healthy, but you also don’t want to smother them and prevent them from growing into independent adults. 

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It’s a delicate balance, and it can be hard to know when you’re crossing the line between protective and overprotective. Continue reading as we discuss three ways to walk the line between these two extremes and provide some tips for finding the right balance for your family.


Overprotective mothers are sometimes disengaged from their children’s worlds, and as a result, they make the assumption that the worst is probably happening in every circumstance. So, before you rush in to try and protect your child, step back and reestablish a connection. 

Does the songs your teenager listens to sound bad from his or her room? Before rushing to conclusions, get to understand the music personally. Are you concerned that your child’s friends will be a negative influence? Invite them to your home and get to know them. 

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We all know that kids need limits, even if they don’t like them (I mean, who likes boundaries?). Rather than simply issuing orders like a drill instructor, discuss your expectations and why they are necessary.                          

And if you’re not sure whether you’re an overprotective mother with too strict boundaries, do some research. To get a good point of reference, talk to friends, listen to parenting podcasts, and read some articles about parenting.    


The prefix “over” means “above or excessively.” You may be overprotective if you are attempting to protect your kid so hard that you can’t be happy or if your child is missing out on life because you’re worried about what could go wrong. Consider Marlin from Finding Nemo. 

He overprotected Nemo, despite his best intentions. Because of their fear, neither of them could really “live.” Overprotection occurs when we act primarily out of fear instead of wisdom. Finally, Marlin realized that “bad” things could be valuable learning experiences for Nemo.

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From “Overprotective Mom” to “Just Protective Enough”

This is all about learning to let go of control as your children grow older. We must have faith that they will make it on their own. All of their bumps and scrapes will only make them better and stronger and will provide them with stories to tell their own children someday.